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DIY Bohemian Floral Crown Inspiration

So excited to be showing off another DIY collaboration with the amazing Janie Medley that I got to shoot earlier this month. I absolutely LOVED being part of this project and Amelia couldn’t have been a more stunning model. Seriously, it was hard to stop taking photos of her. Does she rock this floral crown, or what? Be sure to check out the how-to post over at Project Wedding to make one for yourself!

DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0012.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0013.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0015.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0011.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0017.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0016.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0008.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0004.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0001.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0003.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0002.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0007.jpg
DIY Bohemian Floral Crown_0006.jpg

Gorgeous and adorable, right?? I just love getting to shoot such beautiful people and things!

Korie Lynn - All of these are sooooo pretty, ya’ll! My favorite is still the confetti shot!August 20, 2014 – 11:20 am

Bree & Wilson | Richmond City Engagement

Talk about a CUTE couple. Bree & Wilson are absolutely adorable and made my job so easy for this shoot. They’re so down to earth and fun-loving and I just love how these photos turned out! Can’t even WAIT until their wedding at the end of the month!

Richmond City Engagement Session_0009.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0005.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0002.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0001.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0012.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0022.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0008.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0015.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0013.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0014.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0045
Richmond City Engagement Session_0017.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0019.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0018.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0023.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0025.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0024.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0028.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0029.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0032.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0031.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0030.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0036.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0038.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0040.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0037.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0039.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0042.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0041.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0035.jpg
Richmond City Engagement Session_0033.jpg

Cute, right?? Happy Monday, friends!

Alex Reiner - These photos are phenomenal and totally capture the joy and love these 2 have for each other! They’re so fun!August 18, 2014 – 4:30 pm

August Goals

I cannot keep up with these summer months! They’re just flying by! And though I’m definitely craving Fall this week, I’m also not eager for time to keep fluttering away from me so quickly. So, let’s slow down a second a take a look back at some of the highlights of July: doing a beautiful styled shoot with some favorite local vendors, almost an entire workday from my back deck, my brother and sister-in-law visiting for the whole weekend of July 4th, getting a NutriBullet, accomplishing a fun DIY for the living room, a little hangout with some local Delight girls, coffee dates with some favorite photog friends, and shooting my first ever elopement to name a few! It was a full and beautiful month!

August Goals_0001.jpg

Here’s how July ended up:


- Keep being active 3 times per week
- Read 2 chapters in The Meaning of Marriage
- Try 2 new recipes
- Have a sugar-free week
- Sort/get rid of clothes
- Work on the yard (specifically vines growing on the house)
- Hang some art in guest bedrooms


- Hang blinds in office (!)
- Update Engagement gallery on website (!)
- Submit at least 1 wedding
- Brainstorm a styled shoot
- Look into outsourcing album design
- Revisit Powersheets from the first half of this year
- Make “info” sheet for PASS galleries
- Blog next month’s goals at the beginning of the month

Pretty great month, overall! I got a lot of those extra little things done that I wanted to, but as always, there’s room for improvement and growth this month! So here’s what I’ve been working on accomplishing in August:


- Workout/be active 4 times per week
- Read at least 1 chapter in The Meaning of Marriage
- Go on a walk with my neighbor
- Send 2-3 handwritten notes
- Recover bottom of living room chair
- Research natural make up companies
- Go to the Farmer’s Market at least once
- Research more paleo recipes
- Try out 2 or 3 of those recipes
- Make my own almond butter
- Visit family/friends in Indiana!


- Work on writing out my “why”
- Clean up office
- Catch up on “duty” items
- Submit two more weddings
- Begin album design for two more weddings
- Revisit Powersheets and update overall goals
- Blog next month’s goals at the beginning of the month
- Begin choosing photos to update engagement gallery
- Look into promo video

I’m trying to remember my own words from a couple weeks back to stay encouraged about all of the MANY things on my to-do lists in addition to these goals. Sometimes it can get the best of me. But here’s to continuing to do my best! So what about you, what do you hope to accomplish during the rest of this month? What were some of your highlights from July?

Boho Floral Shoot Preview

It’s a little ridiculous how many beautiful shoots I’ve gotten to be part of, lately. I’m so, so excited to share them in FULL with you, soon. But for the time being, here’s another little teaser of the most recent one with Janie!

Boho Styled Shoot with JM Flora_0003.jpg

Gorgeous, right?! Amelia makes a stunning model! More of this beauty to come, soon. :) Happy Monday, friends!

Mia Bjerring - These previews are gorgeous! I can’t wait to see more!August 11, 2014 – 12:05 pm